• With its stunning mountains, mesmerizing old towns, pretty lakes, and an array of historical references, Switzerland is one of the perfect vacations one can have in Europe. In the Best of Switzerland Tours that you take, you will get to experience some of its most beautiful sceneries with interesting Swiss cities like Zurich, St. Moritz, Zermatt, Lake Geneva, Lucerne and Lugano.

    Switzerland Holidays are incomplete without witnessing the beautiful sceneries that Switzerland has to offer to its visitors. A scenic drive in its perfect weather is something that everyone is interested in which is followed by Lake Zurich and Lake Walen through the high Alps and in the tiny territory of Liechtenstein. You can also enjoy one of the famous resorts of Switzerland, the St. Moritz.


    Switzerland may be a small country in size but Switzerland Tourism is dynamitic. The glaciers and alps dominate the beauty of Swiss. When you dive yourself in Swiss, you will not have to travel too far because of the excellent Swiss transport system that has been built across the country and is highly affordable. The country-side is made up of lakes, mountains and are beautiful anytime of the year. You can also indulge yourself into the top Swiss festivals and carnivals. While experiencing the authenticity of the European gem, you can always feel safe in this country because of its lowest crime rate in Europe.


    Let’s prepare ourselves for some interesting facts about Switzerland with a mix bag of information about this tiny European gem:

  • facts

    1. Coffee in Zurich, Switzerland is the most expensive in the world.

    2. Switzerland citizens are given the rights to challenge any law passed by the Parliament.

    3. There are approximately 208 mountains in Switzerland.

    4. The gap of poor and rich is evident in Swiss.

    5. Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

    6. Albert Einstein derived his famous formula E=MC2 in Swiss.

    7. Switzerland has four national languages within the country.

    8. The Land of Chocolates is only meant of Switzerland.

    9. Swiss consume the highest number of chocolates in the world.

    10. More than half of the luxurious watches produced, come from Switzerland.

    11. Switzerland has enough bunker capacity that in can hide its entire population in case of a nuclear war.

    12. Assisted suicide is considered legal in Switzerland.

    13. There are more than 1500 lakes here.

    14. The first waterproof watch was invented in Switzerland.

    15. Nescafe, the first instant coffee was also introduced in Swiss.

    16. There are more banks than dentists in Switzerland.

    17. The French are the only nation that successfully conquered Switzerland.

    18. The Swiss own more guns than Iraqis.

    19. Switzerland is also considered the land of Swiss knives.

    20. The official name of Switzerland is Confoederatio Helvetica when converted into Latin.

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